Sunday, 14 June 2009

Mega Project Realities

Mega-projects overwhelming favouring Non-Goans still grow un-opposed in Goa. Deceitful critics & politicians show ignorance on the mega-project “definition” for obvious/selfish reasons; it may be not clearly defined but common sense should show that we don’t need to create residences for outsiders; to the Goan detriment. Mega residential projects for commercial purposes should be concretely defined, in consultation by Goans, to the scope of accommodating majority Goans only. It is not hatred to outsiders but just to preserve our scarce land for future generations besides maintain the Goan demographic majority/identity; which is not the case for the other bigger states or other countries.

We must understand that Mega projects “affect Goans of all Castes, Creed & Religions”:
(1) Destruction of Beautiful landscapes & rampant hill cutting.
(2) Reduction in Tourists who find Goa’s natural beauty gradually being destroyed.
(3) Pressure on fragile infrastructure, health/educational facilities, water & electricity.
(4) Increased Traffic Jams/Congestion & Air pollution.
(5) Increased wastes particularly toxic, leading to cancers & other serious diseases.
(6) Water contamination with understandable serious consequences E.g. Calangute today!!
(7) Increased temperatures & Carbon Dioxide emissions seriously affecting Goa’s Climate & contributing to Global Warming
(8) Create un-necessary employment & influx of migrant workers.
(9) Goans to minority, both from migrant workers brought in for constructions and the large percentage of Non-Goans purchasing the apartments.
(10) Severely affecting livelihoods/housing of poor Goans to favour rich outsiders & local politicians.
(12) Agriculture which should be addressed for Goa’s sustenance & self-reliance, is sadly being replaced by mega-projects... where’s the priority?
(12) Increased pressure on police & security services to protect a rapidly growing population.
(13) Financing our corrupt politicians to keep them in power for destroying Goa.

Un-necessary Constructions like the mega-projects clearly have serious negative implications & have to be constrained. Needless to say, current ones illegally passed, should be razed to the ground!!

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

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