Sunday, 14 June 2009

Gulf Non Resident Goans & Goa’s Migrants

Subject: Gulf NRG’s & Goa’s Migrants

My fair views on Goa’s migrants are deliberately distorted &, misquoted, by few individuals. See following facts on Gulf Non Resident Goans (NRG’s) & Goa’s Migrants:

(1) Gulf NRG’s are “only temporary migrants” i.e. (A) No political/voting rights to influence local identities and we work on time bound job permits; renewable subject to local requirements. (B) Land in some countries e.g. UAE, can only be bought on fixed year leases i.e. non-locals can’t permanently own land. (C) Some critics whilst looking at the “comfort factor” of Gulf NRG’s should also try to understand the huge sacrifices & hardships faced by many, Gulf NRG’s.

(2) Gulf NRG’s unfortunately left Goa; mostly due to no opportunities at sustainable pay scales. Root cause is the corrupt government & no public pressure to address the same.

(3) Yes, Goa need reasonable amount of migrants but then we also need a fair & just migrant control policy; subject to requirement. It should include decent but temporary housing facilities & fair health/welfare/other benefits; these suggestions will treat & respect migrants much better, than being done today.

(4) It is common knowledge that un-necessary destructive development; like the mega-projects are significantly increasing un-necessary migrants into Goa. Surely stopping of the mega-projects will significantly restrict migrants into Goa. Also many MLA’s facilitate slums for vote banks; addressing of which, will also restrict migrants.

(5) Some NRG’s target specific issues affecting Goa’s Identity i.e. Mega-projects, uncontrolled migrant influx, Konkani, Goan employment, Corruption, etc; which are also opposed by Goans in Goa; “If Gulf NRG’s support the same, does it make these serious issues a non-issue?” Also, most NRG’s have strong Goa links i.e. Families, homes, businesses etc and could return; so they must speak out & act for Goa now!!

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

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