Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Save India's True Identity

India is truly an exceptional case amongst all the countries of the world; home to most of the world’s religions and also to so many different communities of diverse cultures and identities. The traditional aspects and values of our great country connect people from different states and there is something very fascinating about the difference. One can travel the length & breadth of any nation but only in India, is the closest you will ever get, to the entire world in one country. This unique essence of our difference is an envy of other nations and it is high time we Indians appreciate this fact of our “True India”.

I always proclaim myself a Proud Indian and consistently marketed to the world around, the “True India” essence of our unity in diversity; but now this very essence that was pivotal, is being threatened with respect to certain states like Goa, slowly loosing their contribution to the rich Indian Cultural/Identity Mosaic. Surely the very foundations of the India recognized the different identities that made the country; if not then on what basis are the Indian states divided?

As humans, yes we do have our physical commonalities but then again, surely each one of us have our unique strengths/differences/personalities and as a group, we can use our respective individual strengths for the greater good. What would be like, if all of us were the same? In the same latter perspective, I would like to stress that the different identities/states in India have their unique strengths and together, we all as Indians can use our respective strengths, for the greater good of India. To sit by and allow any specific Indian Identity to be eliminated will, not only be a loss the respective state/people e.g. Goa & Goans, but also a huge loss for India & Indians.

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

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