Saturday, 9 May 2009

Migrant Control is Critical

I strongly oppose views of critics opposing migrant controls in Goa.
Of course, we know that migrations have taken place for centuries; not only in Goa but also around the world. But we also should know that today, despite these migrations, various countries (including Western Nations) and other Indian States are keen to keep their respective identities & languages. Yes, most other countries and States like Goa, still have outside migrant inflow into their local populations but please let us appreciate some key facts (1) Most of these countries and other Indian states have large populations to withstand current influx of migrants and hence new migrants will NOT significantly affect their local identities/languages and in time will also start, in some measure, to integrate into their adopted countries/states (2) Many Western Nations agreeably need migrants but are putting more & more policies in place, to localize immigrants. Surely critics will appreciate that Goa is different with respect to its size, population & capacity i.e. the current rapid rate of uncontrolled migrant influx is too high be integrated into Goa; needless to say the strain it will put on Goa’s scarce resources and also increased traffic, pollution, contamination etc.

Today about 40% of Goa’s population is Non-Goan. If un-checked, Goans will soon go into a minority. So looking at it practically, will it be Non-Goans being integrated into Goan Identity, Language & Culture or will it actually be the other way around i.e. Goans forced to integrate into the multitude migrant identities/languages and which will of course mean, the Ultimate of Goa’s Identity, Culture & Language!! If the latter is what the critics want then, then can they at least have the courage to declare Goa, as India’s first cosmopolitan state with no distinct local language/identity!!

Arwin Mesquita (UAE)

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