Friday, 9 January 2009

Thanks for Goa

On witnessing ground realities, I salute genuine activists in Goa, fighting against Mega-Projects, water/land contamination, destruction of fields/sand dunes on beaches/water bodies/wild life/hills/environment/ecology etc Thanks for selflessly fighting, to save our Beautiful Goa & its Prized Identity.

The activists refuse to be cowed down, intimidated by the Specific MLA’s/Police, Government, Panchayat & all other challenges. See my findings:
(1) Strategy is to frustrate activists & make them give up!! Vested interests tire down activists by constant delaying/intimidation tactics.
(2) False Police cases on most activists; why no action till date, if cases are genuine?
(3) Exception of some, majority corrupt panchas adopt delaying tactics for inspection etc to give time to the builders.
(4) Respective quasi-judicial government bodies constantly over-ride Gram Sabha resolutions, postpone dates, no show etc
(5) Government bodies supposed to uphold the law delay inspection certificates & many times manipulate the same
(6) CRZ norms constantly violated by Builders in collusion with Specific MLA's/Police, Where are the enforcement agencies to protect our beaches?
(7) Opposition from some misguided Goans, who I appeal to look at the big picture for Goa & Goans i.e. we can have a good today & bright tomorrow via right/sustainable development; let’s not destroy Goa for short term gains!! "We inherited this beautiful land & its identity, from our ancestors & are responsible for the same to our future generations"
(8) While many are concerned only with their careers, businesses, families etc these activists spend a lot of their personal time, money & incur a lot of sacrifice for the benefit of all Goans; including those working (directly or in-directly) against Goa.
(9) These activists are an inspiration & hope to us all; especially to those who think that nothing can be done to Save Goa.

Arwin Mesquita (UAE)

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edward said...

1) We have to strictly control inward migration if we have to preserve Goa'sidentity2) Romi Konkani has to be given her rightful status.
3) NO ' mega / large scale ' construction projects Arwin Mesquita
These are just words Arwin, to win the election.
Once they come to power and the bribes start coming, every one becomes his uncle.
He is the MLA for Panjim and he cannot clean it up.
He didn't, when he was in power.
I complained to him that ancient Portuguese footpaths were dug in Panjim by immigrant shop owners and were not restored to its proper state.
They were not even filled up and levelled, I had to jump over it, all the time I was there.
During his time the roads in panjim had man made (dug) holes all over Panjim, safety hazard!
Parking - cars were everywhere, even on footpaths, where are the tourists supposed to walk?
On the road? dodging cars.
You believe Porrikar? then you will believe anything!