Saturday, 10 January 2009

Stop Destructive Mining

It is very clear that mining is having very detrimental effect on Goa, Goans & its environment. The huge actual losses (including health risks, water contamination etc) are significantly higher than the small gains; mostly benefiting the privileged few!! “We should realise that negative impact of mining affects Goans in each & every part of Goa”. The Mining Lobby is now getting desperate with their false PR campaigns in the media/newspapers and now so called cowardly defamation suits, filed in far away states. I request all genuine movements fighting for Goa including Social & Religious (Hindu, Muslim & Christian) to be united under one force; bring out the true facts on mining and force our corrupt government to address this serious issue once & for all. Needless to say, many corrupt MLA’s are funded from the mining lobby to stay in power, so it is in Goa’s interests to cut-off this illegitimate support; which will help dethrone these destructive Anti-Goan MLA’s


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