Monday, 19 January 2009

Goan Political Revolution

It really amazes me to see that South Goa is a strong hold, of the so called "Secular" Congress Party. Are we fools to strongly support a party, which is working overtime to destroy Goa & Its Identity? We are and have been taken for granted for a long time; of course I do not need to state the facts. The common excuse is where is the alternative; to which, can I suggest a revolutionary approach to Goan Politics i.e. (1) Gram Sabhas elect candidates based on certain criteria's (2) Expectations from the candidate is made very clear by the Gram Sabha (3) The Elected Candidate cannot join any political party (4) Gram Sabhas make it very clear that Elected Candidate can be recalled, should he/she not deliver on expectations or join any political party (5) Gram Sabha candidates on common platforms can form a working alliance. The latter points will also reduce the need to make up election costs, by such elected MLA's; which will reduce corruption after the respective election. We need to start thinking differently and not go on old/current thought processes; anymore suggestions will be welcome. Arwin Mesquita (UAE)

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Xittuk Goencar said...

We goans run the high risk of getting outnumbered by brutes from every part of the world who have no love for Goa. Our land, our rivers our coastline, our customs are all a threat from these senseless leeches.

We need special status immediately. ANd we need to fight hard for it.

Good work done through your blog.

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Xittuk Goencar