Monday, 23 December 2013

Goa's Massive Real Estate Scam

The recent case involving Dr. Otilia Mascarenhas, where her property was fraudently sold to an organised syndicate, is serious eye-opener to a a much serious issue in Goa today. Many were upset with the mining ban which was nothing but a consequence of years of mining scam cum environmental destruction; courtesy politicians and select mining families. The next big scam in my opinion that has to be seriously investigated is the Real Estate Sector in Goa, where I understand there is a very high rate of fraud coupled with a rapid rate of environmental destruction, hill cutting pollution of water resources etc I was shocked to see reports of eminent environmentalists on the pathetic state of the environment/ecology in Goa today. We need likes of a Shah Commission to investigate the Real Estate Fraud in Goa, as I believe the current government is not willing to address the issue; possibly due to vested interests and huge monetary stakes involved. The earlier Congress Government was destroying Goa via the real estate scam so we voted for a change, unfortunately the BJP is no better and has let Goa down big time.. Classic example is the Regional Plans which is being deliberately or rather suspiciously delayed!! Arwin Mesquita.

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