Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Goan Strongmen Doomed (And so are their supporters)

The Key to Saving Goa is to get rid of powerful Anti-Goan Politicians who currently project themselves as strongmen, in their respective areas of Small Goa. These highly corrupt MLA's are desperately trying to influence voters with Rice, Alcohol, Paying of amenities, Water Tanks, Cash incentives to vote banks, Pilgrimage Trains, publicity events in Kuwait, Dubai, Goa etc. The source of funds to influence voters is known to be from excessive corruption, sale of Goa, sale of Goan jobs, destruction/illegal mining, mega housing projects not favoring Goans and other forms for destructive development. Current weak laws allow these MLA's (most of who have criminal/corruption cases against them) to continue in power. However, with the winds of change now blowing across India on anti-corruption, I advise these Political Strongmen to be careful on what's coming to them next? Perhaps if they are smart they will quit politics now, before they face the full force of the people and the new Anti-Corruption laws which will be in place soon. Also when this time of these Strong Men is really up, I seriously doubt that their corrupt/ self centered/publicity seeking supporters in Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Goa etc will continue to be loyal to their corrupt & destructive masters, publicize themselves supporting the strongmen in print media/ photos or invite them for tiatrs, dances, football tournaments, religious functions etc. These so called supporters will go where ever the “sun shine’s” on them. And of course there will also be many corrupt supporters of the Current Goan Strongmen, who will face the full force/wrath or the anti-corruption wave!!

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