Saturday, 13 August 2011

Charge Corrupt Political Supporters of Anti Goan Heavyweight Ministers

The winds of change are sweeping in India/Goa with the anti-corruption movement getting increasing momentum. Very soon, the known Corrupt Political Anti-Goan Heavyweight Ministers in Goa and their "priviliged" families, will soon be affected by this change in a very significant manner. But surely this cleansing will not only stop at the Political Heavyweights but will also go further and investigate/charge their corrupt political supporters, at various municipalities/panchayats who can be easily seen in various Press/Media Photos "Worshipping/Supporting their God Father". These Anti Goan Political supporters in the form of Sarpanchas, Panchas, Mayors etc are agents sponsored and put in at respective Municipalities/Panchayats, so as to ensure that their "Generous God Father" is able to loot and destroy Goa to the maximum. These corrupt Anti Goan Political supporters are in compliance with the Heavyweight Minister(s) in the decimation of Goa's Identity, SALE of Goa, catastropic destruction of the environment, reduction/contamination of water, pollution of land/water etc.

Arwin Mesquita, UAE

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