Saturday, 22 January 2011

Goa State Terror

With respect to the recently publicized cases coming out in of Police Brutality/Atrocities, Goans should not stop at only resolving the respective cases but must pursue at the urgent cleansing of the entire system i.e. from recruitment to police action. Whilst surely there are cases of good actions of Police in helping citizens & ensuring justice, there are also many cases where Police are actively involved in and supporting various anti-social activities e.g. the Critical Drugs issue in Goa. In fact, the system of Police recruitment involves high level of corruption and influence (particularly by Politicians); saying which how can we expect a Credible Police Force? I think the main culprits however are Specific Long Time Politicians who themselves are known criminals, smugglers, goons etc and these Politicians, in addition to using their personal goons/gangs, also use the State Police to terrorize & intimidate citizens who fight against the exploitation, destruction, loot of our beautiful state and people. For instance, it is hard for me to believe that the unfortunate case of Cipriano Fernandes does not have some Powerful Political connection/backing. But to be fair to the Police, I also think that many times even good Policeman are influenced, threatened & compromised by specific Powerful//Corrupt/Evil Politicians!!

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