Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Colva Beach Message

Today, the Colva Beach appears to be telling us, that something is seriously wrong about Colva. The main beach has now divided itself into 2 areas; which is mainly facilitated by the sewage let out by the specific restaurants/hotels in the area, various illegalities, lack of action by relevant authorities, etc. The division is symbolic of the people of Colva, whose loyalties are divided or enslaved between two prominent South Goa Politicians, who have/had powerful positions in the Government and with whom the village is, has and is only going from bad to worse!! The sewage is symbolic of the high levels of corruption, apathy, lack of concern, selfishness, materialism, suffocating of conscience etc, amongst the villagers which is rapidly destroying this beautiful village. Yes, some critics will come out with all sorts of excuses like for example” It is easy for an overseas person to talk from outside and he/she should come to Goa and act instead of just giving views”. I think that these are just excuses from specific individuals who either have vested interests or are too complacent to act. I am sure that if this particular excuse is addressed then these same individuals will come out with more excuses to make themselves feel better. The solution is simple and it is all about choice; choice about (1) Who you elect and How much money you accept to surrender you vote (2) What you say or not say to improve the village (3) Who you support/praise (4) What illegality you pursue/support or turn a blind eye too or do not challenge (5) Who you defame, let down or do not support; despite those very persons fighting desperately for Colva on the ground, for the benefit of all Colvenkars etcArwin Mesquita, UAE

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judith and other members are doing a commendable job of taking up this issue, kudos to them