Monday, 17 May 2010

Celebrating Goa's Ministers

I am as guilty as many of my other Goan Colleagues; as I was part of associations celebrating Goa's Corrupt Ministers, a few years back. But I have come to my senses and hope that my fellow Goans, would do the same as well. Goans are honoring Goan Ministers in Canada, USA, Europe, Gulf, Goa etc and I really need to ask the question; Why? Are we honoring the very people who are responsible for the sorry state of affairs Goa is in today. These corrupt MLA's that we are honoring, have and are today actually seriously damaging Goa, its land, its Identity and are continuing to do so with all of our blessings. Following are some facts which these MLA's or Ministers are guilty of; on some or all of them:(1) Using the Konkani movement to enter Politics and then using Power to gain illegitimate wealth and pull in respective family members into politics and further damage Goa & Its Identity; what is the status of Konkani today?(2) Liaising with powerful Non-Goan companies to sell of Goan Land or bring in un-wanted mega-projects e.g. in Carmona. And these very people had hypocritically floated political parties to Save Goa!!(3) Supporting Migrant vote-banks, issuing ration cards to migrants and supporting Parties that encourage migrant vote-banks; leaving no stone un-turned to gain as much power & wealth as possible.(4) Excessive Corruption, Faulty Employment & Industrial policies done mainly in personal monetary interests, forcing Goans to go overseas; and many of these Overseas Goans ironically reciprocate by honoring them?(5) Illegal Land Conversions, Hill-cutting, filling of fields, contamination of land & water etc(6) Using scarce taxpayer’s money for their selfish exploits with absolutely no accountability; then use a small percentage of their loot for bags of rice, sugar, alcohol, meals etc so as to buy off gullible voters!! Surely the above are only some facts and there are much more. So again, I really would like to know why Goans are celebrating these people; who if allowed to continue, will spell doom for our beautiful land & our prized identity!! Many Overseas Goans in particular complain, that they are too far away to do anything for Goa; well then please at least stop honoring/entertaining the very people who are destroying Goa & Goans. Let them know that they are not our heroes but are actually the enemies of Goa & Goans!! Arwin Mesquita (UAE)

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floriano said...

How to save Goan Identity.

Paramount to this question is the Goan UNITY on just one agenda for Goa. PPS which stands for 'People for Political Sanity' as also "People's Power System'

How to get this Goan Unity.

Watch this video carefully. If replicated, the long desired but elusive Goan identity is assured one hundred per cent.

In the above video:

- The herd of Buffaloes are the 8 lac Goans.

- The pack of hungry lions which attacks the buffalo calf are the 40 elected representatives of Goa.

- The crocodiles in the river pulling at the calf while the lions are struggling with it are the Delhi, Nagpur, Maharashtra High Commands enjoying the spoils of office.

Promote PPS through-out the knooks and corners of Goa to safe-guard Goa's interests.

from PPS to PPS