Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Alternative to Violence

The recent incident at Porvorim Secretariat by the Village Groups needs to be viewed carefully by Goans. Let’s not believe the Deceitful/Corrupt Goa Government, as they are only too keen to tarnish genuine protestors, so as to continue with the destruction of Goa for personal gains. Anyway on the topic of Violence, it is definitely wrong, but we need to find an alternative not only to Violence but for argument sake, an alternative to peaceful means as well. We see a common statement around the World and India in a particular, where Governments ask to renounce violence and ask for peaceful ways to solve issues (including dialogue), but in many cases activists are forced into violence after trying desperately via peaceful manner and dialogue? See the Goa Scenario, our current Chief Minister and most of the Ministers never keep their promises, manipulate facts/situations, constantly sabotage genuine action for Goa, intimidate activist by abuse of the machinery including Quasi Judicial bodies, Police etc Court Cases are taking too long to deliver justice; and is a classic case of Justice delayed Justice Denied. So may I ask again, what alternative can we give to these activists who are being checkmated at every point? Democracy is being abused via migrant vote banks, communal basis, ignorant & gullible voters. Again, I am not advocating the Violence option but am only asking if there is another option, other than the violent & the peaceful one; the latter which obviously not working in Goa? Needless to say these activists are not fighting for only themselves, but for all of Goa and Goan; from the Anti-Goans!! Arwin Mesquita (UAE)

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