Friday, 3 July 2009

Un-necessary Kabrastan Controversy

The Kabrastan issue should have been a non-issue and with respect, every community has the right to bury their dead. The major concern here is that we run the risk of alienating our Goan Muslims who are as Goan, as the Goan Hindus & Catholics. But to put into perspective, the Anti-Kabrastan chorus is just an unfortunate consequence of the actual root cause i.e. uncontrolled migrant influx, which is changing the Goan Demographics rapidly. Goans should address the root cause, which will prevent creating un-necessary controversies, like the Kabrastan issue!! Can we Goans, particularly the Catholics, first look within and understand that who is responsible for this root cause i.e.:
(1) Migrant vote banks openly encouraged by many MLA's including many Catholic MLA's & Ministers; and why are Catholics voting blindly en masse for the same corrupt candidates/parties; over & over again?
(2) Un-necessary mega projects not only bring in new residents but also create huge un-necessary employment for migrants to come into Goa. Are we in any doubt of the political support to these monstrosities?
(3) Housing Boards which are proven to favour non-goans but openly encouraged by MLA's, for example one now is being actively pursued in Loutolim constituency!!
(4) Migrants are easily obtaining voting rights in Goa i.e. more easy for them then Goans and our MLA's including most Catholic MLA's/Ministers facilitate the same
(5) The Goa Governments Employment Policy is a faulty, toothless & corrupt policy which actually favours non-goans; our MLA's are reluctant to address it as they will lose an important source of illegitimate revenue!!

Surely there are many more points which we can gather and my point is let us focus on the root causes & fight the real enemies of Goa & Goans!!

Arwin Mesquita,

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