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How is that Non-Goans recognise Goa's Unique Identity and some Goans do not?

Dear Goans ,

This is particularly for those do not appreciate Goa's Unique Identity & think its irrelevant!!
See comments from some Non-Goans below on Goa's Unique Identity; what to they see that these Goans do not?

Arwin Mesquita, UAE

(1) Dr Manmohan Singh’s daughter Upinder Kaur
Goa’s unique cultural identity – a confluence of different cultures – has fascinated Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh’s daughter Upinder Kaur.
“Goa is beautiful and calm. The state is famous for beautiful beaches, Churches and temples”, Kaur said during a brief interaction with the media on Thursday.
But, more than anything else, what fascinated Kaur the most was the State’s unique cultural identity.
A history professor in Delhi and author of many books, Kaur along with her husband Vijay Tanka and children paid a visit to the Kadam house here to offer condolence to the family of late Shivanand Kadam.
“During my last visit, I happened to visit the churches in Old Goa, besides the beaches. But, what is really interesting Goa is its very unique culture. You can sense that even if you are in the State for a short time. The unique cultural identity is very fascinating”, Kaur said, while disclosing plans to visit some of the beaches, temples and Churches this time round. Away from the hustle and bustle in Delhi, Kaur says she will take time to relax and enjoy Goa’s beauty.
Fielding a volley of questions from newsmen on his father’s second innings as the Country’s Prime Minister, Upinder said Dr Singh has a great responsibility and hoped he lives up to that. When asked how it feels to be the daughter of the Prime Minister, she said “we see him as somebody who has a great opportunity to do something for the country. We feel he has the capacity and desire to bring about positive change in the development. We are sure he would do a great job”.
But, her attention was drawn to the fact that Dr Singh’s second innings starts at a time of economic meltdown, she said her father is a brilliant economist and exuded confidence he would steer the country out of it. “My father does try to spend time with us. But, work comes first. He is busy with official work”, she said, when asked whether the Prime Minister spends time with the family.
Replying to a question, Kaur agreed that a lot needs to be done in the area of protecting our historical and ancient culture. As a parting shot, Kaur said she is more interested in history and politics.

(2) Bollywood actor Nana Patekar
'Tourists don't just come to Goa for it's beaches but for it's people too' Says
noted Bollywood actor Nana Patekar

Watch him talking very high about Goa

Nana Patekar is a noted bollywood actor known for his natural way of acting
He is known to give generously to the poor

This is what he says in the video ( partly translated- I may be wrong)

'If I speak Konkani today, neither you nor I will understand it'

‘I like the way it is done in Goa where all people come together to celebrate
shigmo or the Goan culture.. no matter what religion you belong to.’.
‘I myself does not believe in any religion’
When he was born he did not know whether he belong to Hindu, Muslim or
He also says people /tourists don’t just come to Goa for the beaches but for
the Goan peace loving people too.
He also says in Konkani ‘ Maka soiro munn apoilo’ but next time invite me as
committee member’
He repeatedly urged the Goan people to maintain their unique identity.
‘You know me as an actor what you didn’t know that I was a painter too’
He once designed a Republic day float at New Delhi and got paid Rs.460 which
helped him to pay his school term fees.

Srinivas Dempo (also seen) suggested Nana Patekar to make a film on Goa based
on Goan Culture etc (not covered in the video).

(3) Late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru
India gained its independence from the British in 1947. Goa was the largest part of the Portuguese possession in India, the other territories being small enclaves. In 1961, India incorporated these territories after a military invasion. At the time of Goa’s accession into India, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had promised that Goa would retain its distinct identity. Even prior to the annexation of Goa, the Government of Independent India had promised that the people of Goa would be consulted on any decision about their territory.[4]
Mr Bhembre said that at the time of liberation, the state had a chance to safeguard its interest however failed to do so as �we focused our energies elsewhere.� He said, �Today we are fighting for special status like other North-Eastern states, however, much damage has already been done.� He said that Pandit Nehru had a unique attachment for Goa and had pitched for Goa having an unique identity even before Goa�s liberation which he pushed for even after liberation.

Arwin Mesquita (UAE)

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