Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Taleigao Manipulated Democracy

Monserrate’s & colleagues scored 11/11, at the March 2009 Taleigao panchayat elections. Firstly, we should give them credit for perfectly manipulating democracy and surely other Goan MLA’s can take learn more from them. Why did the good people of Taleigao, knowingly vote for tainted politicians, clearly bent are destroying Goa & its identity? Whilst many Goans are disappointed with the Taleigao results, I believe that a detailed analysis of what went wrong, can give us answers/solutions, of what we actually need to do, to save Goa. I think 3 areas influenced the election:

(1) Money Power:
Besides migrant beneficiaries, they are also Goans amply rewarded. It is really unfortunate that these Goans are primarily driven by materialistic/monetary greed. Let’s address this critical problem within us; because if we do lose Goa, then we will only have ourselves to blame and may our children forgive us!!

(2) Migrant Votes:
It will be interesting to know the number of migrants votes in the said elections; needless to say they have got their share of cash, bicycles etc This voting information can be publicised for Goans to understand, our diminished political power today!!

(3) MLA’s Assistance:
MLA’s oblige people with rewards/favours (mostly “illegal”); these people then sell their souls & give a blank cheque to the MLA’s, for reaping disgustingly huge profits via Goa’s Destruction. There needs to be a massive educational/awareness campaign to counter this tactic. We can develop our areas the right way i.e. without being slaves to any politician. Politicians are at our service (without any obligation) and not the other way around!!

I hope the concerned people don’t lose heart in the loss but instead address what went wrong. Let’s say it to the winners “you might have won the battle but not the war”!!

Arwin Mesquita (UAE)

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