Saturday, 7 March 2009


I believe in 3 steps to CHANGE (1) Ask (2) Tell, and if they don’t work then (3) Just do it!! We pleaded, wrote letters, submitted signature campaigns, protested on streets, moved courts, complained to Government bodies, met politicians etc; which has generated momentum for CHANGE amongst Goans but sadly made no difference to the un-concerning government & corrupt politicians. The recent Cidade De Goa shock was the last straw and now something has to be done. The Goa Governments disrespectful attitude appears to be: “Goans Get lost; we will do what we want, because you silly Goans will vote for us anyway or maybe not even exercise your precious vote; which is even better for us!!”

Goans (including Non Resident Goans) should now go for the REAL CHANGE, starting with the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections. Let’s back new politicians e.g. Peoples Candidates proposed via Gram Sabhas; with a proven track record, no party affiliations & no criminal record. Yes, despite our best efforts, we can’t guarantee new politicians, but by being persistent & constantly aiming for CHANGE, we can definitely guarantee the following:
(1) Checkmate ageing politicians & their kin, who have accumulated enough illegitimate wealth, in all the years of corruption & destruction of Goa. They have become very sharp in all possible ways & means to loot Goa. Let’s get rid of them so that they can’t use their “valuable” experience & skills against Goa.
(2) Send a clear message that we can CHANGE Politicians who don’t perform; so even new politicians will have to deliver results or be CHANGED again.
(3) Political Parties particularly the National Parties with their Supreme Masters in Delhi, will wake up to realities, stop taking Goans for granted and respect the genuine essentials, for Goa & Its Identity.


Arwin Mesquita (UAE)

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Georgina said...

Goans should go out and vote for the right person. Goans should not for parties because they are getting pension from that party. We need Goa for Goans and all those politicians who think we do not matter, we are silly lets give them our reply by not electing them. As an NRI do let me know what I can do?