Friday, 26 October 2012

Frustated Goan Mining Magnates

Subject: Frustrated Goan Mining Magnates Ref. With reference to the recent reports where the arrogant mining lobby made outbursts as far as Portugal, it only shows their extreme desperation. After years of looting Goa's resources in tacit illegitimate alliance with various highly Goan Corrupt Politicians and with usage of their huge stacks of cash, these miners were living in false illusion that they were untouchable, in their pursuit of destruction of Goa for selfish gains for themselves and their fattened families. ... Thank God for the Supreme Court order filed via a strong case put forward by the Goa Foundation. The mining lobby instead of returning the loot is instead involved in arrogant games like these desperate international outbursts, calling for reducing buffer zone around wild life sanctuaries to 0 KM, instigating the people earning a pittance from the mining industry to fight their proxy war, so as to enable themselves to continue with their illegitimate amassing of Goa's scarce resources. If they care so much for the mining dependent people, why don't these mining lords start giving away their illegitimately acquired loot, so as to rehabilitate genuine Goans affected by stoppage in mining. The World is aware that we need to go "Green" else we will not have a World very soon, but the mining kingpins appear extremely short sighted and least interested in preserving the environment; in their greed for amassing as much as wealth for themselves. It is projected that India/Goa will face a severe water crisis very soon and mining in Goa has seriously reduced/polluted water resources. Today many NRI's including myself were forced to go abroad due to lack of opportunities back home, simply because Goa's resources were used instead to feed the greed of few mining families and their corrupt political partners. One can only image of what Goa would have been today if the +35,000 crores (and it's increasing interest) were used for the benefit of Goa and Goans !! Arwin Mesquita, UAE.


Dipak said...

I can only call you a frustrated Goan from your illogical outburst. It appears that none of your arguments are logical but your main frustration is that you feel you have not got a share of the Rs.35,000 crore pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You are obviously a fortune seeker looking for a quick buck. You need not worry so much about the pot of gold as that is truly a mythical pot. Besides, Shah commission wrongly superimposing maps on inaccurate Google Earth thus assuming the legitimate area was encroached for mining, the rough parameters used to determine the value are also much lower and would result in a tiny amount which would not even draw your attention. With all the scams going around you can be forgiven for believing that Goan mine owners who were actually struggling till recently to support their employees, could all of a sudden control all politicians State and Centre, opposition parties, officials of Directorate of Mines, of Forest Department, of Ports, of Customs, of Ministry of Environment, of Indian Bureau of Mines, of Directorate of Mine Safety, of Labour Commission, etc. to keep silent and violate all laws – if this was the case, why did they not get approvals after struggling for years and have to work on deemed approvals? In fact Goa Foundation did not put a strong case in the Supreme Court but lied that transportation of ore was continuing despite the State Govt order. They have also been lying that the buffer zone was 10 kms but with CEC (environment committee of SC) who they were quoting now clearly specifying low buffer zones, they are singing different tunes. Therefore when the pot of gold does not exist, ‘recovering’ it is a futile exercise and question of it being used to rehabilitate people does not arise. Goa is improving in water supply with now even the mining areas getting potable water, which they were not getting earlier. In any case, mining pits will be uses as a future reservoir of water as presently the rainfall of 120 inches in Goa all flows into the sea. Stopping mining will not create jobs for NRI's like you, infact in recent years, the exodus of Goans was stopped as they could find employment in their own land. The fruits of mining do flow back to Goa in the form of infrastructure and spending by the population employed in mining and related sectors. Presently 55-60% of the value of ore flows back to people in the form of State and Central taxes, which you do not seem aware of. No wonder you are still in search of the pot of gold but in the process you will kill the goose that is laying golden eggs for Goa.

Marriage Domain said...

Guys its not a time for US to fight and criticize each other. Let us make ourselves aware of the real issue and get to help the AFFECTED MASSES !


it is the best alternative to run away from the magna carta alike indian law and seek for solace from abroad cause had one been thorough BOUT THAT he would have been an IAS or an IITians like PARIKAR and one day would have led GOA from the front like PARIKAR. KUDOS TO PARIKAR

Arwin Mesquita said...

Dipak pls put you correct name/location and courageously propagate your pro-mining and anti-environment/water views.

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