Thursday, 3 March 2011

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - GOANS PLEASE READ/ACT. Appeal for Azad Maidan Protest Meet on 15th March 2011

Dear Goans, Ref the (1)Appeal (2)Appeal Video and (3)YouTube Link. I personally appeal to all Goans (Local & Overseas) to strongly support the same in whatever way possible i.e. attending the protest in large numbers; for Non Resident Goans I appreciate that you are not on the ground but let's look at what we "CAN DO". Some suggestions are: (1) Please spread this email far and wide to all of your Family and Friends (2) Publicise on various media including Local Print, Social & other to strongly support the same. Including using your media contacts in your respective countries to widely publicise this protest meeting (3) Speak to your Family /Friends on this Meeting and the urgent need of the hour for Goans to unite and fight for the preservation of our beautiful state & identity (4) Convince your family and friends in Goa to attend the meeting and possibly sponsor any related tranportation/co-ordination costs (5) Contact the co--ordinators of this meeting to offer your resources/sponsorships and even Moral Support!! Goans this is now or never, what we do now will ultimately result in the future of Goa, Goans & our Identity. The Clock is ticking..we do not have much time Left.... TIME TO ACT IS NOW! Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

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