Friday, 10 December 2010

Real Estate Goans

There are Goans too lazy to do anything constructive or think of good business ventures which could take a little more effort, so they do the easiest thing that is available to them i.e. get into Real Estate. My question to each of them is: after you have sold our priceless land to outsiders, facilitated the building lobby to sell apartments to outsiders, made Goa Non-Goan, destroyed Goa's pristine & clean environment, polluted land/air/water, converted fields illegally with the help of corrupt politicians, destroyed hills/beaches, converted Goa from a paradise into a living hell etc, what will be you next line of business; as surely you know that Goa has limited land? Who/What will you sell next? Surely you do not care about your future generations or the fate of Goans in the future with respect to Health, Quality of Life, Identity etc so I will not bother questioning you all on this particular point!!
Arwin Mesquita, UAE


bren said...
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bren said...

my aunt is currently selling our land in siolim, goa. we are selling the land in order to buy an apartment for my dad since he is currently living in a rented apartment for one year in goa. i like the land to be sold to goans but we will be force to sell to a non goan if we cannot afford the apartment for me, my brother and my dad. Me and my bro currently live in dubai. my mum passed away last month and we cannot afford to live in a rented apartment all our lives.
brendan, dubai