Friday, 15 October 2010

Goan Literacy

Many Goans sing praises of their beloved MLA's/Ministers who apparently help them with specific favours. Surely, if the system of governance was properly working in the first place, there would be limited need for the MLA’s to "assist" the people at the low micro level and these Politicians should have been instead, involved at the much higher Macro level, of taking the state forward in the right manner for the benefit of Goa & Goans. It appears that Goa's Politicians are hugely favored and possibly support a highly flawed system of governance, with high level of corruption, lethargy & incompetence in the Government Departments; as a result of which Goans are forced to approach the MLA’s for “assistance “and then be forever enslaved to the respective Politician. Then as a source of “gratitude”, these people allow corrupt Politicians to continue further with the Sale/Destruction of Goa Environment & Identity; which is exactly what the corrupt MLAs/Minister’s want!! Goans appear to be proud of their high literacy/awareness, which is understood to be important for successful democratic governance. But with such ignorance, I would argue if this High Literacy rate has actually improved the state of affairs in Goa or is it just an un-necessary Statistic!!

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