Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Greater Goan Identity

In Principle, I agree with statements by Senior Congress Leader Mr. Luizinho Faleiro and MP Francisco Sardinha that Goan Identity has to be preserved; whilst expressing in their opposition to the Greater Goa proposals; which meant adding territory from other states to Goa. But however other than their lip service, what action has been taken? Their government is actively attracting migrant vote banks, issuing ration cards to migrants, supporting demography changing & migrant attractive mega projects, bringing in industries favoring employment to outsiders, destroying the environment, contaminating land/water, facilitating large scale land sales to outsiders, facilitating the large scale Goan migration out of Goa due to lack of opportunities etc. Even after 20 years Konkani still does not have her place in Goa. Sonia Gandhi promised Special Status during the 2009 Lok Sabha Election campaign. In August 2008, the Goa Legislative Assembly passed a unanimous resolution strongly recommending that the state government take up with the Centre the urgent need to grant special status to Goa; this was done to ensure that the state preserves its unique identity. Can these Senior Congress Leaders follow up on the same and provide an update to Goans and challenge their “High Command”? Today Goa is rapidly losing its prized identity within just 50 years of liberation. If the Goan Majority and their politicians do not want to address this critical issue then perhaps, it is better to go for Greater Goa or even merger with another state; let us bury the issue of Preserving Goan Identity once and for all!!
Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

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