Saturday, 10 July 2010

Goa – Answer Within

We blame politicians who are looting/destroying Goa, its land, environment & Identity. But with all due respect, let’s first look within to see the major causes of the same. (1) Who has voted for corrupt MLA's (2) Don't we ourselves support corruption & unethical democratic methods; I appreciate that sometimes we are forced to, but surely this can be avoided in many cases (3) How many ask illegal favors from Corrupt MLA's and then become their slaves for life; what we do for selfish reasons will ultimately destroy ALL of us. Also, what we do illegally will come back to haunts us, in some form or the other (4) How many of us Glorify various Corrupt Politicians at various events in Goa/Overseas for obvious reasons; knowing that they are the biggest destructors of Goa & our Identity; even if do invite them, how many do let these politicians know, of the our concerns on Goa (5) Taking the Catholic perspective (it is the same for other religions), we pray, fast, try to portray ourselves as good Catholics, try to teach our children right from wrong etc and then in hypocrisy, our actual thinking/actions does the opposite and we set bad examples; aren’t we supposed to show by example? Granted many Goans are handicapped by illegalities in the past and Corrupt Politicians use these, as points to intimidate/checkmate genuine concerns for Goa; point is that tomorrow can be a New Beginning and we can change; first ourselves and then everything else will follow. We could have made mistakes in the past but we can always stop/avoid this going forward and help Goa/Goans go for the better!! The Answer is obvious and the choice/decision is finally with each one of us!!

Arwin Mesquita (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

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