Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Merge Goa with another state

If action is not taken immediately, Goans will soon be a minority in Goa and key aspects of Goan Identity e.g. Konkani and our way of life will be irrelevant; courtesy Goa’s corrupt/selfish politicians and other Goans (local & overseas), who are contributing to the latter, via various means i.e. (1) illegal conversions of land for mega projects favouring non-goans and sales to outsiders/ land sharks (2) Employment policies favouring outsiders (3) Migrant Vote-Banks and un-necessary employment opportunities for migrants e.g. mega projects (4) Mass migration of Goans to so called greener pastures and abandonment of the land of their ancestors (5) Mining (6) Destructive development, (7) Being slaves to specific politicians for personal gains etc So in face of the all of the above, I think is better that Goans give up on being Goan/Goa and as some cowardly Goans opine, move forward!! We should perhaps merge Goa with another state, as the very basis of Goa being a distinctly separate state, is becoming irrelevant. And, in view of the latter, I wonder what will happen, to our so called Goan Political Heavyweights; perhaps they will be satisfied with the crores they have amassed for themselves & their future generations, via the SALE & Destruction of Goa!!
Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

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Cynthia said...

Dear Arwin,Ben, Freddy,

Global Goan Convention in OMAN

Thank you for making me a part of your team and taking me along with you boys. I had a good time and our journey to and fro was a great success. Let us make it a practice to go for more of such gathering and make your presences and your goals/dreams come true for OUR GOA.