Sunday, 6 September 2009

Goa’s Identity Movement holds Meeting in Dubai - UAE.

Goa’s Identity Movement, in co-ordination with the Goan Sodality group, held its Meeting at Saint Mary Church Hall in Dubai, on Friday 4th September 2009. The President of Goan Sodality, Mr. Cajetan Coelho started off the well attended meet with a brief introduction and Fr. Michael Cardozo ended the same, with a call for Goans to wake up for the love of Goa. The Meeting included a deeply moving documentary on Goa’s current horrific destruction (Prepared by Mr. Rajan Parrikar - USA), a comprehensive presentation by Mr. Arwin Mesquita, with the overall vision i.e. “TO HAVE WORLD CLASS STATE WITH A UNIQUE IDENTITY; which was followed by a detailed discussion by all. There was a unanimous view that Goans should concentrate on what we “CAN DO” in a positive & civilized manner, to save Goa & preserve its unique identity.The participants agreed time bound action points and also highlighted the critical requirement for Goans to be united, for the cause. The Goan Sodality team and Mr. Benedict Lobo played a key role, in organizing this meeting in Dubai. The Movement will co-ordinate further action via its website
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Arwin Mesquita – UAE.

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floriano said...

*Pricing the priceless
Reuben Sequeira, Chicalim


The concerns raised by Reuben in this his letter to the editor are the same concerns that have led to the formation of the Goa Su-Raj Party. We at Goa Su-Raj Party commend Reuben for voicing his thoughts in print and shall make this letter the pivot that will ultimately swing-out the alien to Goa exploitative 'High Commands' from Delhi, Nagpur and Maharashtra bent on destroying Goa and Goans with their sweet talk and money-packed cunning.

With reference to deleterious mining in Goa, we have gone on record to say that the mineral wealth of Goa is the God given gift to Goa and Goans. If exploitation of this does not benefit either, then let it lie where it is un-touch and un-disturbed whether the Goa or the Central Government likes it or not.

We are sure that every life-styled section of Goans will realise this sooner than later for their own good. What is meant by the above is that 'It is imperative tht Goa is governed by its own HIGH COMMAND.