Saturday, 18 April 2009

Vote for Mathany Saldanha

It is high time Goans re-think our negative political attitude. Like it or not, our influence is critical for the survival of Goa & Goans. The mindset “I don’t want to get involved in politics” is only helping Goa’s enemies, as we give them a free hand to do whatever they want, for their corrupt interests. Let’s at least support specific candidates on issue basis only and change them if they don’t deliver. Yes, we have apprehensions about politicians but surely we can manage them wisely, to get our objectives done!!

For instance, on the contestants for the South Goa Lok Sabha seat; I appreciate what critics say, but I still think that Mathany Saldanha is far better than the rest i.e.
(1) Historically he is the only one who was the most vocal of the candidates, against various anti-goan initiatives e.g. SEZ’s
(2) His party manifesto is the most detailed & comprehensive vs. all others, on not only the need, but also on the ways to protect/preserve Goa & its identity
(3) We have given so many chances to the others e.g. Congress and they have clearly let Goans down; so let us now change and give a chance to someone new!!
(4) Other politicians falsely malign Mathany, by linking him to the so called communal elements; those very politicians tasted power by aligning themselves, with very elements that they now call “communal”.
(5) Worst Case, even if Mathany is elected and does nothing; by just electing him we can send a strong message to the national parties that Goans cannot be taken for granted and it’s high time they start putting in measures to protect Goa, its identity and stop the destruction of our beautiful land.
Goans please act before it is too late!!

Arwin Mesquita (UAE)

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