Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Landlords defend SALE of Goa to the highest bidder; non-goans in particular. My criticism is not for Landlords who will not Sell Goa; no matter the price. It also is not to Goans, who have not gone into real estate; to sell same at a higher rate to outsiders. Many Outsiders & politicians with illegitimate wealth, invest in Goa's Properties; should Goans suffer because they generally, don't have this illegitimate wealth?
Capitalist excuse does not hold; as Capitalism does not take precedence over the interests of the society? Landlords ignore that there is a civilized Global understanding on the latter. For instance, why are there Government controls on basic food essentials; what if these were at the mercy of capitalism?
Business deals should have social responsibilities. If any action affects the society, then it has to be stopped. If Landlords have a right to sell land, so do people in the society have the right of priority; to live in decent clean, disease free environment with stable infrastructure, reduced contamination levels, sense of identity, maintaining livelihoods, safety etc Today, Goa has significant problems resulting from Non-Goan land sales, Mega projects favouring outsiders, un-necessary constructions etc. If the Society suffers, then the so called rights of these specific Capitalistic Anti-Goan Landlords are not valid. Arguments for protection of their land should be addressed, to ensure Landlords rights are protected, but the arguments should not be an excuse to SELL GOA.
Each community has limits to non-local land sales; to safeguard its identity. Unlike other states, Tolerant Goa has way crossed the limit & now needs safeguards. The current land sales rate will make Goans irrelevant & no community will accept the same, for themselves. Let's focus on what's right for Goa; not what is Legal for Goa.
Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

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